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Tours, Activities and Attractions in Mexico

Did you just book your next beach holiday in welcoming Mexico? Congratulations! You just paved your way to the land of relaxation and sensuality where magic happens at every turn for those with the eyes to see. We’d like to give you a sample of what awaits you at the worldly famous Mexican resorts, which are true specialists in hospitality and entertainment for all kinds of travelers. Perhaps you are already elated at the possibility of enjoying beachfront accommodation in one of the many all-inclusive hotels we offer through our site.

Maybe all you can think of from the rigors of winter up north is the perfect climate of the tropics, and the pleasure you will get from not having to anticipate rain at any point: the sun is always shining in this tropical land, you can get by on shorts, sandals and light dresses, forget your make-up and show off your natural glow after a couple of days on the sandy beaches of the Mayan or the Mexican Riviera. We’d like to think that after a few days of lazy hedonism, with your batteries recharged after enjoying life in your luxury beach hotel, you may be ready for some active leisure time and Mexico has the best professionals, modern equipment and a blessed tropical environment to offer its visitors. Maybe that’s why they keep coming back time and time again!

On the first day of your beach holiday, you will indeed stroll down to the beach and soak in the rays, take a dip in the turquoise waters of the Caribbean or the welcoming azure of the Pacific, and feel invigorated by the force of the sea. Plenty of tour operators have their headquarters by the beaches, offering interesting leisure packages of all kinds. If you are in any kind of budget, we strongly suggest you shop around for the best deals; prices can vary greatly from one stand to another for more or less the same service.

All things aquatic feature strongly and there are some great offshore islands we recommend you to visit like Cozumel or Holbox Island off the Mayan Riviera. Scuba diving and snorkeling tours are prominent in the Yucatan shores and in the Pacific side, where you can visit the Marietas Islands or Los Arcos for a truly fulfilling day with the sea creatures in perfect safety and under professional supervision. Most of the boat tours guarantee whale watching during the trip if during the winter months too. Prices are quite reasonable and include diving and snorkeling equipment, two meals and free drinks on the fee, you can get wet on the inside too!

Fishing tours and tournaments have become a staple on many resorts like Cabo and Ixtapa, attracting the sporty with competitive spirit to get the best catch of the day in these abundant waters. The perfect Mexican weather has attracted golf lovers from all over the world, and there are plenty of professional golf courses designed by top golf pros like Jack Nicklaus with different levels of difficulty for all players from beginners to advanced to try their wits. Nature lovers can enjoy the unspoiled beauty of the Reserve of the Biosphere Sian Kaan or Xcaret in the Mayan Riviera, while staying at eco-friendly Tulum or Akumal, resorts with a more chilled vibe where yoga and spa treatments can be your daily treat.

Even now after the end date of their long count calendar, the stunning pyramids from the mysterious Aztec and Mayan Mesoamerican cultures exude a serene wisdom and a hopeful vision, and their placement in energetic points of the Mexican geography is another reason to stop by. Jungle tours, adventure tours on wheels, bird sanctuaries, turtle reserves, art galleries, swimming with dolphins, sailing, parasailing, jet ski, sky diving are all available to enhance your holiday with an adrenalin rush or a cosmopolitan gloss. Welcome to paradise!


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