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Car Rental

Once you arrive at your destination hotel for your tropical beach getaway, you may realize that there are many more possibilities to your trip if you hire a car to move around town. With your own car, you will be free to explore the surrounding areas without any time limits and without the need to find out about public transport schedules. Here at Mexresorts we have partnered with the most professional car rental service providers in every major airport and Mexican destination to offer our selected customers only the very best of services available everywhere. You can rest assured that our prices will be competitive; we can provide you with discount car rental quality services at the best rates in the market. Take full advantage of this offer and arrange your car rental in advance of your trip.

There are many different choices of makes and models to pick out your vehicle from among the vast variety in the market today; imagine yourself blasting through the streets of Puerto Vallarta with a convertible of your liking, luxury living in a luxurious destination must be matched by a luxury car! Maybe you prefer to take the middle road and find a family van to give plenty of space to your kids. All options are available, because not two customers are the same. Our experts will help you find the right vehicle for your needs, budget and style. This can be a welcomed addition to your beach escapade because we all know that once you are used to drive your way through life, it´s not easy to let it go during your time off.


Hence if you want to travel smarter, let us take care of your car rental for you. Mexico can pose a cultural barrier especially for English-speakers, and we are happy to go the extra mile and help you cross that bridge in perfect mastery. Let it all in our hands, and you will be driving your way through the streets of your chosen destination in a brand new car, pampering your partner or family with the utmost comfort, and getting around safely. Or maybe you prefer to take a back seat and get someone else to drive you around town while you enjoy fully the hedonistic side of the dolce vita during your Mexican vacation. Chauffeur services are also available for the most sophisticated customers that are accustomed to top-notch luxury and don´t want to steer away from their lifestyle during their Mexican holiday. They can pick you up from your hotel at your chosen time, drive you around, and return you safely in the evening.

Car rental prices are very competitive in Mexico compared to the US or Canada, and the same goes for gas prices. Renting your own car here is the smart way to do it, roads are in great shape in every touristic destination and it’s a sheer pleasure to drive around. Mexresorts offers you the full bag of tricks you may need for a truly memorable holiday in the Mexican sun. Make your booking online for the best discount rates on travel and hotel packages, car rentals, airport transfers and tours of your choice and you will be paving your way to the ocean in a completely carefree manner. Here at Mexresorts we are experts in luxury travel, and we are happy to put our expertise at your service to make sure you leave completely satisfied with your beach holiday.

Car Rentals

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