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Acapulco is known worldwide as the traditional Mexican destination for a beach holiday where sun, fun and opulence meet. Since the first celebrities arrived in the 50’s, it has gone through periods of ebb and flow in popularity, and is currently bouncing back from a low period. The choice of accommodations is really vast in the Acapulco Bay, ranging from the most classic hotels in La Quebrada to the luxury hotels in Punta Diamante. Here at Mexresorts we offer you the best all-inclusive hotel packages in Acapulco, travel packages, all-inclusive vacation packages, affordable hotels and all-inclusive travel and hotel packages, all-inclusive luxury hotels packages in Acapulco that the savvy travelers appreciate so much.

There’s always plenty to do in a city like Acapulco, where cultural and social events are added constantly, but the traditional highlights are still the same as they used to be. You could start with the Zocalo, the city’s main square and a perfect place to sit with a coffee or to dine al fresco while watching the passers-by in this vibrant city on the Mexican Riviera. The Cathedral sits on one side and it’s well worth a visit for its byzantine influence.

Other architectural jewels in Acapulco are the Fort of San Diego, a Spanish fortress turned into the Acapulco Historical Museum and the Peace Chapel, with a 130-foot tall cross overlooking the ocean from its elevated position at over 1200 feet above the sea. Now let’s move to the Bay area, where the first attraction has to be the “clavadistas”, intrepid local men who jump from a hundred meter cliff to the waters of the Pacific Ocean below. This tradition that started in the 20’s when fishermen would dive from the cliff to free their nets from the rocky peaks below, has become a household name and a daily ritual and business that keeps attracting the curious from all over the world.

You can witness these brave men in action for less than three dollars on the spot, or alternatively you can book a “seating and viewing package” at Hotel El Mirador that offers its customers an unbeatable location for this traditional show. Another customary activity in the Acapulco Bay is sport fishing. Sailfish is twice as big in the Pacific than the Atlantic and due to its colorful nature, makes a great trophy to take back home. Small game fishing is available all year round as well and includes bonito, roosterfish, mahi-mahi & tuna.

Plenty to do during the day time and even more after the sun sets. Acapulco is well known for its animated nightlife, and the sumptuous clubs lining the Costera Miguel Aleman are packing them every time. Acapulco loves to party and they have plenty of experience to show. Discos ooze glamour and a festive spirit that has no par. Acapulco nights will surprise you with its good vibes! Here at Mexresorts we think there’s no good excuse to skip a tropical holiday thanks to our customized all-inclusive travel packages for all budgets.

Choose from our wide range of all-inclusive vacation and hotel packages, from the best all-inclusive cheap hotels in Acapulco to a luxury five star hotel package that will please the most seasoned traveler. Book your all-inclusive vacation package and hotels online in total confidence today and pave your way to the perfect beach getaway with Mexresorts! The joy and sensuality of the tropics await you, come and pamper yourself!

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