6 facts about Mazatlan that you should know

Mazatlan is a beautiful city which undoubtedly is a must visit if you want to vacation in Mexico. Located on the Mexican west coast, and being one of the “pearl cities” of the Mexican pacific coast, Mazatlan offers plenty of activities for every taste.

The main touristic zone of Mazatlan, or “The Golden Zone” had been abandoned in the past because of several factors. Nonetheless this zone is in having a resurgence, and new hotels are being built so the doors for investments and businesses can be re-opened. During this very week the construction of a new five-star hotel was announced, which is going to be ready for 2019. The new hotels that are under construction will be mostly focused for business tourism. If you are thinking of visiting Mazatlan here are six things you should know.

1. Next August 6 and 7 the biggest slide in Mexico will be opened to the public, in Avenida Las Torres. This event is called “Slide” and it always takes place in august each year.

2. Mazatlán has the biggest open-air archaeological museum of Mexico: Las Labradas. There you will find petroglyphs with ancient abstract art figures, and pre-Columbian monuments, which are about 3400 years old. Nowadays it is believed this was a ceremonial place for Tolteca indigenous people. There are also local legends about a big pirate treasure buried in those fields.

3. El Malecón (Boardwalk) of Mazatlan is one of the biggest boardwalks in the world with it’s 21 kilometers. The sea, the fresh air and the artistically illuminated palm trees makes it an excellent night walk. The Malecon has been subjected recently to two regeneration programs in order to further encourage touristic visits. In the Malecón you can also find a variety of bars and restaurants where you can find traditional Mexican food, and even sophisticated international food.

4. Mazatlan also has one of the biggest natural lighthouses in the world. It is located in the Cerro Crestón, which rises 157 meters above the sea level. This was the front door for trade between Mexico and foreign nations in antique times.

You need approximately 250 pesos to be able to enjoy a ride on a Catamaran, and travel around the Lighthouse, contemplate the amazing landscapes including the sea caves nearby, caves which have similar local legends like the ones in Las Labradas. Some people believe there are big pirate treasures dating from the XVI century hidden in the caves.

5. La Noira is a rural village founded by Spaniards in 1864, located in the vicinity of Mazatlan. La Vinata Los Osuna is a farm where blue agave is sown and harvested. This agave is utilized for the fabrication of an alcoholic beverage similar to Tequila: Destilado de Agave. On the farm it is possible to make trips around the terrains on horse or ATVs, it is also possible to visit the agave crops, and get to know both the new and old factory processes and techniques used to distillate the agave. La Vinata Osuna also lodges a cocktail bar, and a souvenir shop.

6. 65 kilometers from Mazatlan is located the colonial city of Copala. A historical place and almost a journey to past times. It was founded for the minerals in the surroundings, therefore this was a mining town. The City is full of stone paths, and colonial Spanish style houses. One of the most important places to visit is the San José Church where you can find old paintings and neoclassical altars.

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