6 Best Mexican Cities For Gay Travel

In the United States, the gay rights movement won  a major victory when the Supreme Court ruled by a 5-to-4 vote that the Constitution guarantees the right to marriage to same-sex couples.  Every country in North America has made gay marriage legal, and, along the way, social media has been filled with colorful celebrations of the momentous occasions.

“No longer may this liberty be denied”, Justice Anthony M. Kennedy wrote for the majority in the  US’s Supreme Court. “No union is more profound than marriage, for it embodies the highest ideals of love, fidelity, devotion, sacrifice and family. In forming a marital union, two people become something greater than once they were.” In most polls, Americans favor gay marriage.

Celebrating the decision outside the Supreme Court, a crowd waved rainbows and chanted “Love has won.” The court stated in its decision that “procreation” was not the purpose of marriage, and thus, the restriction of marriage to heterosexual couples was discrimination against same-sex couples. Something many people might be surprised to hear, Mexico actually closed this gap before the US.

As in most countries, Mexico has a long history of discrimination against types of people considered “others” by others. In 1569, an Inquisition by Philip II of Spain in Mexico City punished same-sex sexual relationships. By 1979, things had come very far, as the country’s first LGBT pride parade was held in Mexico City.

The court’s decision in Mexico legalized same-sex marriage in all of the 31 states of Mexico. Mexico joins a growing list of Latin American nations which permit such unions.

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Mexico features many vacation destinations which draw a large gay contingent – Puerto Vallarta, for example.

Puerto Vallarta

This beautiful beach city features sophisticated restaurants, varied night life and shopping.  In the winter, which is the tourist high season, there are gay cruises, horeseback riding, gay bingo and strip and drag shows nightly.

In the Zona Romantica, also known as Old Town, Playa del Sol/Los Meurtos Beach or Olas Altas, most of the gay-owned and gay-friendly businesses are situated, like Frida’s Cantina or martini lounges such as Garbo. Apaches Martini and Cocktail Bar is a lesbian-owned bar. Uncommon Grounds Chill Out Lounge strives for business of the female variety.  On Los Muertos Beach, Blue Chairs and Green Chairs bring out large gay crowds, and more than a dozen hotels cater to gay and lesbian vacationers. To be sure, Puerto Vallarta is by far the only gay friendly Mexico city with breathtaking views and fantastic nightlife.

Puerto Vallarta is a popular gay vacation spot among a beautiful climate, ocean bay, beaches, mountains and lush tropical jungle.  Puerto Vallarta features more than a dozen hotels, guesthouses, and beds and breakfasts, gay bars and gay clubs, which cater to the gay community, as well a world famous gay beach, gay themed trips on boats, special tours including evenings out at natural hot springs, and great restaurants.


Cancún wants to become Mexico’s Number 1 gay travel destination. With its blue skies and gorgeous beaches, it makes perfect sense for “gay travel.”  Cancún has the most modern and safe water purification systems compared to any other city in Mexico.  The gay scene is mostly located into El Centro, where two narrow canals run north to south in-between the two sections, but you can access each side via old fashion style bridges.  This town is diverse, so a hot gay spot might be a family friendly place during the day. Cancun knows that it is playing to an international audience and the restaurant scene reflects that. There are a good number of gay-friendly restaurants at every price point serving every cuisine.




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Mexico City

Mexico City has a large gay and lesbian population. Local theaters show gay plays and gay clubs are listed in newspaper entertainment sections, with hip restaurants and affordable luxury hotels, gay nightlife and an annual Gay Pride parade.

In Zona Rosa, most of the gay bars, discos and clubs are located. Rainbow flags usually adorn such businesses. The Centro Histórico, Zona Rosa and Polanco neighborhoods are probably the best bet for individuals trying to enjoy the LGBT nightlife.


Acapulco and Puerto Vallarta both feature strong gay scenes on the Pacific coast of Mexico.  There are many places in Acapulco to enjoy a gay night out on the town, whether it is the drag performers in Las Vegas style showgirl costumes at Savage or the loud techno music at Demas or the hip Shurakk. That’s not all there is when it comes to gay night life in Acapulco. For younger types, Mexican and US pop music is played at Cabare-Tito Beach. The gay beach at Playa Condesa features stunning scenery of the bay.


Javier Hidalgo / Via Flickr: javier_hidalgo


Travel writer Andrew Collins calls Guadalajara “Latin America’s most underrated gay urban getaway.” Guadalajara is Mexico’s second largest city, located just a few hours from Puerto Vallarta. Guadalajara is decorated by colonial-era architecture, graceful mansions, as well baroque churches.  Guadalajara’s gay scene is mostly located in downtown’s Plaza Tapita. The annual Marcha de la Diversidad is held each June and is comprised of ten days of celebrations with fiestas, dance parties, art exhibitions, concerts, parades, pageants, a film festival, and a carnival.

Guadalajara is home to 1.5 million people and is one of the hottest gay getaway spots in Latin America, with numerous gay-owned Bed and Breakfasts, three gay saunas and a dozen gay night spots.  The main gay scene is on Avenida Prisciliano Sanchez in the Centro downtown area and the adjacent Zona Rosa area. Circus represents the most popular gay disco.


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